41st Anniversary Throwback Menu

April 9-12th

Breakfast & Lunch (PDF)

black | cold brewed, dark roasted 
white | creamy sweet, cold & tasty 

baby kale, fuji apples, cucumber & lemon

POPE JOHN (1983 - 2014)
two eggs, breakfast potatoes, english muffin with a plump papal polish sausage, yellow mustard, onions and swiss cheese...heavenly! 

roasted turkey, mushrooms, fresh spinach, onions, jack cheese folded in to our crepeggs and topped with diced tomatoes, house-made hollandaise sauce and fresh dill. 

CAPS, ETC. (1983 - 2016)
specially sautéed mushroom caps draped with bubbly cheese. two eggs, english muffin and breakfast potatoes on the side.

toasted english muffin topped with sliced tomato, chicken salad, and melted monterey jack cheese

Dinner (PDF)

NACHOS (1983 - 2001)
voted best in the village! warm tortilla chips layered with melted cheddar and jack cheese, housemade pico de gallo salsa, more chips, our signature beef chili, sliced jalapenos, diced tomatoes, sour cream and black olives 

FETTUCCINE "BRAVO" (1983 - 2014)
artichoke hearts, chicken, roasted peppers, black olives and pepperoni in a garlic basil oil 

VEAL PIERRE (1983 - 1994)
thinly sliced veal, sautéed and topped with tarragon cream sauce, avocado, and melted swiss cheese 

STEAK K.P. (1983 - on special occasion)
our most popular featured steak, topped with crab, shrimp and homemade bearnaise sauce, mashed potatoes and broccolini